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1) Cover artworks on this page are all available for sale.
2) Once a band or someone has purchased an artwork, it can't be bought anymore.
If it's already sold, you'll land on page saying : "TOO LATE! ALREADY SOLD".
3) Paypal is used for all transactions (you can use your credit card, no need to have a paypal account)
4) Artworks are professionnally set up. Files size are around 40x40cm or larger
5) I'm only selling artworks, I don't sell shirts and I don't print them.
6) Please read my terms & conditions
7) Artworks can't be reserved or put "on hold", first come, first served.
10) Please note that it does NOT include a full layout
11) Absolutely NO MODIFICATIONS on these
12) I can add your existing logo and title, free of charge.
13) Prices are subject to change without notice.
"LEFT PATH" cover artwork "REBIRTH" cover artwork
"TORMENT" cover artwork "MASK" cover artwork
"LEGION" cover artwork "ORBITAL DECAY" cover artwork
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