I started Headsplit Design in 2005.
Since then, I’ve been working with metal bands from all over the earth.
You probably own a cd or a shirt with my art on it. I’ve been playing in bands since 2000 and toured quite a lot, I know my job from the inside out.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need commissioned work done.

- Remy C.

Past clients (name dropping) :
Cryptopsy, Whitechapel, Napalm Death, Thy Art Is Murder, Six Feet Under,
Beyond Creation, Aeon, Pig Destroyer, Mumakil, The Arrs, Psycroptic, Arch Enemy, Benighted, The Faceless, Misery Index, A Night In Texas, Fallujah, The Red Shore, Beneath The Massacre, Spiritual Beggars, Lock Up, Terrorizer, Suicide Silence, Origin, Gorod and so on...

Right now I'm available for commissioned work.

Contact me by email or social media to enquire about prices / time frame etc...

What you can commissioned me to do :

- Album/EP cover artwork
- Full album layout (booklet, inlays, cd label, vinyl sleeve, digipak...)
- Merch design (shirt, hoodie, banner...)
- Anything from guitar pedal artwork to e-cig liquid design.

What I don't offer :
- I don't do logos but I can refer you to great people who do
- I won't copy another artist. If you want something that looks like "this guy's (insert world class overbusy and expensive artist)" go to him!
- I won't do artworks that are really out of my style.

february 9th 2023 - New shirt designs and cover artworks added!
If you're following me on social medias, you probably saw that I've started building guitars from scratch in June!
I'm a real guitar nerd, I've bought and sold at least 50 guitars over the years.
My partner and I moved to the countryside 8 months ago, and I finally had the space to start building guitars.
I'm at my 4th complete build. Right now I'm focusing on iconic bolt on neck guitars (Telecasters, Jazzmasters, Stratocasters ...)
But I actually started designing some more "metal" looking guitars, so stay tuned.
This one below if available for sale, for just 500€, contact me if you're interested.
Handmade in France!


Body :
- Several pieces of french beech (from a carpenter friend)
- Gibson Faded style finish, open pores, but shinier.
   Black stain and acrylic lacquer clear.
- Thickness 33 mm
- 3 ply tortoise guard

Neck :
- European maple neck
- French walnut fretboard
- Scale lenght 25.5"
- Radius 9.5"
- Fender Standard frets, medium jumbo
- Nut width 42 mm
- Thin Modern C Fender US style neck profile
- Thickness first fret approx 21 mm
- Tickness 12th fret approx 23 mm
- Amber Nitro finishsemi gloss
- Rounded neck heel
- Truss Rod double action
(truss rod access under the pickguard, no need to remove the neck)

Hardware :
- Toploader modern telecaster bridge 6 saddles
- Mustang/LP Junior type tuners
- 1 volume / 1 tone / 1 jack
- Fender Highway One pickup (6-7 kohm)

If you like instrumental and progressive metal, check out the EP of my project MERIDIAN On bandcamp


1. Déprédateurs 04:40
2. Rouages 04:36
3. Lazaret 04:42
4. (interlude) Holothurie 02:22
5. Eschatos 04:04
6. Pulverulent 04:39
7. Conventicules 06:36

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